CMC S.r.l. - P.Iva/C.F. 07522070015 - Sede Legale e Operativa: Strada della Ramea 3, 10020 Andezeno (Torino-Turin) [Italy] Tel. e Fax +39 011.943.45.35 Cell. +39 335.62.57.660 +39 335.66.19.152


CMC S.a.S. was established in 1998 as the start and end point of the longstanding experience of its founder, Mr. Giancarlo Ceroni, who was already operating in this sector at the beginning of the Eighties and had until that time worked as an individual enterprise.

The field of activity is that of industrial production plants for the food sector (grinding of cereals, rice, and coffee). In this field C.M.C. operates with mechanical maintenance services, with a whole range of operations from the simple re-establishment to extensive mechanical repairs and radical modernization measures.

The expertise and the vocation for grinding mills has brought CMC to develop a high level know-how along the whole grinding process; this know-how has gone far beyond the simple maintenance and allows to offer the customers and to realize modifications and upgrades on the machines according to the specific product characteristics.

CMC today reckons on a team of 10 specialised technicians, on a 300 m2 plant equipped with tools and machinery needed for any kind of treatment. It also has 8 vehicles equipped with everything is needed for a quick response and a speedy intervention at the customer’s end.

CMC operates at present in Italy and other countries in Europe, Asia and Central America.

CMC is able to operate on machinery manufactured by all the most important manufacturers worldwide. On behalf of some of them it operates directly for assistance services to customers both in Italy and abroad.
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